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Its always been a pleasure for every Indian to see two legends of India Cricket, Its “God Of Cricket” Sachin Tendulkar Vs Virat Kohli “The Run Machine ” . Comparison is always has been difficult because both are from different generations but we are comparing statistic & records when the age of both the legendary batsman are same, i.e performance of Sachin at 31 Years and Virat Kohli is at similar age 31 years.

International Career- Test + ODIs + T20Is Performances

Comparison sachin vs kohli In International Matches

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Though Virat Kohli has always respect Sachin Tendulkar as his mentor and inspirations in Cricketing life, Virat’s stats are always following and sometimes its ahead of legendry Sachin Tendulkar’s stats.

Sachin’s era was Test & ODIs, whereas Kohli’s era is Test + ODI +T20I, but now the number of test match is reduced and T20I is instead popular format.

sachin vs virat Debut Comparision

Sachin started his career in 16 years and 205 Days against Pakistan in 1989 whereas Virat started his career in 19 years and 288 Days against Sri Lanka in 2008. Virat’s Debut is over 3 years delay from Sachin’s debut that is also major reason for Sachin Tendulkar to play more number of matches than Virat Kohli.

International Career- Test + ODIs + T20Is Performances

Century Comparison virat vs sachin
In International Matches
  • Above stats are a sum of Test, ODIs and T20Is batting performances.
  • Sachin has 100 centuries in his international career, Kohli has reached 70 centuries at the age of 31 Years.
Sachin Vs Virat Century Per Innings

Virat Takes Just Approx 6.6 Innings to reach century across the format where as Sachin was taking 7.8 Innings to reach the hundred.

One-Day International Comparison

virat kohli vs sachin tendulkar
ODI Comparision
Sachin Vs Virat ODI Century Comparision
  • In ODIs Sachin has made a double century & Kohli is yet to do that.
  • Virat is Just behind 6 ODI centuries to break Sachin’s record of 49.
  • Virat is way ahead from Sachin’s average in ODI averages..
  • Kohli’s ODI batting strike rate is around 7 more than Sachin’s.

Virat Kohli and Sachin Test Comparison

sachin tendulkar vs virat kohli Test comparision
Sachin Vs Virat Test Century Comparision
  • Though Kohli has played less number of Test matches, but his stats close to Sachin.
  • Virat has 7 double hundred in 82 matches where as Sachin has 6 double centuries in 200 Matches.

T20 International CareerComparison

Virat Vs Sachin T20 International Comparison
  • Tendulkar has played only one T20Is in his career, so the comparison is not justified.
  • Though Virat has tremendous records in T20Is and that’s contributing to his international career. Virat is the only batsman in the world who has 50+ average across the format.

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Virat Vs Sachin Records @ 31 Years

Since both, the legends are from a different era of International Cricket, the most justified comparison is based on Ages only. As retirement age would between 38-40 years we can assume for Virat Kohli.

The number of matches Virat has played in 31 years, Sachin has played in 26 years, due to early debut in international cricket and more popularity of Test Crickets.

Sachin Tendulkar Vs Virat Kohli at 31 Year
  • Batting performance of both the batsman @ same age 31 Years
  • Tendulkar was ahead of around 1900 runs in International Cricket. Virat is now 21036 Runs, at the same age, Sachin had 22604 Runs in International Cricket.
  • Total numbers of centuries, Sachin was 2 ahead than Virat Kohli at this age.
  • Virat Kohli has excellent records of making a century in every 6.32 Innings as compared to 7.26 of Sachin Tendulkar.
Sachin Vs Virat at 31 year in Test Cricket
  • At this age, Sachin had played 114 Test Matches compare to 82 of Virat Kohli, because of two reasons a. Early debut in Test Cricket & b. More popularity of Test cricket in those days.
  • Virat Kohli has 26 Test century in 82 Matches, whereas Sachin had 33 Test centuries in 114 Test Matches.
Sachin Vs Virat ODI Performance
  • At this age, Sachin played almost 96 Innings more than Virat Kohli in ODIs, but on some parameter, Virat is ahead than Sachin.
  • Virat has 43 ODI centuries, whereas Sachin as 37 at this age.
  • Virat Strike Rate is around 60, Sachin’s was around 45.
  • Sachin had 13134 Runs in ODI whereas Virat has 11520 ODI runs
  • Since T20Is was not introduced at that time when Sachin was in this age, there is no data for Sachin in T20Is at this age.
  • Virat Stats in T20Is is phenomenal and one and the only batsman has 50+ average across the international formats

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Sachin Vs Kohli Man of the Match & Series Awards

Based on the performance they had awarded Man of the Match and Series various times, Let’s have look at the comparison at 31 Years age.

Virat Vs Sachin Man of the Match & Man Of the series comparison
  • At this age, Sachin had bagged 61 Man of the Match Awards across the format, where Virat Stands at 55 Man of the Match Awards.
  • Virat is ahead in Man of the Series race, has bagged 16 Man of the series compared to 14 Man of the Series of Sachin Tendulkar.
sachin vs kohli records comparison on Man of the Match
  • Virat Kohli is now on 3rd in the list of Most Man of the Match in ODIs, where Sachin is topping the list.
  • Virat’s average of receiving Man of the Match is very less, Just 6.8 per matches as compared to others.
  • Sachin has total 76 Man of the Match awards in his career and to of the list, Virat is now on 4th and have received 54 Man of the Match awards across the formats.

Virat Vs Sachin Captaincy Records

Captaincy is one of the important responsibility and most of the time captain is not able to perform well due to the pressure. here we will see the comparison of both the Indian Captain. Sachin was leading the team India prior to Sourav Ganguly in late 90s.

Virat is the successor of MD Dhoni for Indian Cricket, Virat took the charge of Test cricket captaincy first post MD Dhoni retirement from Test Cricket, post that MSD left the captaincy from the limited over matches & Virat is captain of all format of India Cricket.

Captaincy Comparison Sachin Vs Virat

virat kohli vs sachin tendulkar stats
on  Captaincy & Comparison
  • While is most successful captain in Test Cricket for India, Sachin is not that much successful in the captaincy.
  • Across the format, Virat’s winning percentage (66%) is more than double of Sachin’s (28%).
  • In ODIs, Virat has an extremely well-winning percentage of 73%, that is competing with the world’s most successful captain Ricky Ponting with around 76% winning ratio.

Captaincy Record Home & Away in Test

sachin vs kohli comparison on
Test match captaincy, Home & Away
  • Virat has excellent records in Home @ 71% winning ratio & Away @ 48% winning Ratio.
  • Sachin has a winning ratio of 33% in home & not won even a single match as captain on foreign soil.

Sachin Vs Virat – Home and Away Performance

Virat Kohli Vs Sachin tendulkar Home and Away Records
  • In Test Matches – more average at home (64.69) than away (46.13) whereas Sachin has more average at away (54.75) than home (52.67).

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Virat Vs Sachin World Cup Performance

Sachin has played a total of 6 world cup’s in career, and 4 till the age of Virat Kohli, so will compare the 4 world cup participation only till the age of 31 Year.

Sachin has played world cups in 1992, 1996, 1999, 2003 & 2007, 2011.

Virat has played 3 world cup so far – 2011, 2015 & 2019. In 2011 both were part of world cup winning teams, leading by MS Dhoni.

Virat Vs Sachin World Cup Performance
  • In World Cups, Sachin is ahead in almost all the parameters from Virat
  • Sachin has also won the Player of the Tournament award in 2003 world cup

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Sachin Tendulkar’s World Cup Performance

Sachin World Cup Performance
  • Sachin has made 1732 runs in first 4 world cups.

Virat Kohli’s World Cup Performance

Virat Kohli World cup Performance
  • Virat has 1030 Runs in his world cup journey so far.

We keep on adding the new stats for these two players, stay with us with most updated and unseen stats of Indian Cricket and World Cricket.

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Virat Vs Sachin in IPL

      Virat Kohli     Sachin Tendulkar
Match 177 78
Innings 169 78
Runs 5412 2334
Average 37.85 33.83
Hundred 5 1
Highest 113 100
Fifty 36 13
Strike Rates 131.61 119.82
  • Sachin Played for Mumbai Indians from 2008-13.
  • Virat is playing for RCB since the beginning, but captained in 2011.
  • Performance of both the players ate more or less the same in IPLs with Virat Slightly better in T20s.
  • Unfortunately both the captains has never won the IPL Titles.
  • Sachin has better winning percentages than Virat.

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