Indian Cricket in this era belongs to two Indian legends Virat Kohli, captain of the Indian side, and Rohit Sharma, vice-captain of the team. Their consistent performance across the format is contributing to the team for top ICC ranking. In this article, we will compare the stats of performance for both the legends, Its Virat Kohli Vs Rohit Sharma in 2019 comparison of performance across the format, ODIs (including ICC world cup), Test & T20Is.

Virat Kohli Vs Rohit Sharma in 2019

In 2019- Virat Kohli secure 1st position, where as Rohit secure 2nd position in ICC ODI Ranking.

Test Ranking – Virat Secure the first spot in ICC test ranking where as Rohit secure 7th position.

Virat has record of highest run 2455 in international matches in 2019 across the format (Test+ODIs+T20Is), where as Rohit as a opener has highest run 2442 in international cricket in 2019 across the format (Test+ODIs+T20Is)

Rohit has 10 centuries in 2019 across the format, where as Virat has 7 centuries in 2019 across the format.

Comparison in ODIs2019

Rohit Sharma Vs Virat Kohli ODI comparison in 2019
  • Rohit Sharma is highest run 1490 scorer in ODIs in 2019, where as Kohli is second on race – 1377 runs in ODIs is 2019.
  • Rohit has made 7 centuries and he had taken less than 4 innings to complete centuries, where as Virat has made 5 centuries in 2019.
  • Virat has average of almost 60 runs per innings and Rohit is just behind & maintain 57.3 average.
  • Strike Rate – Virat Kohli has maintain 96.4 strike rate in ODIs in 2019 where as Rohit has maintain almost 90 in ODIs in 2019.
  • As Virat is slip fielder and dismissed 21 batsman through catch, where as Rohit has just 8.

Comparison in ICC World Cup2019

comparison world cup 2019
  • ICC world cup 2019 was great for these two Indian legends but this even was more memorable for Rohit Sharma, he had 4 back to back centuries in world cup.
  • Total 5 centuries made by Rohit Sharma in world cup & kohli has 5 half centuries in ICC world cup 2019.
  • Rohit had maintain the average of 81.00 where as Virat maintained 55.4 average in world cup 2019.
  • Rohit was the highest run getter in 2019 ICC world cup.
  • Comparison of Virat Kohli Vs Rohit Sharma in 2019 in ICC world cup 2019 was turning points in their comparisons.
  • Rohit has won 4 man of the match awards for his best knock of centuries in ICC world cup 2019, where as Virat Kohi has won 1 man of the match awards in ICC world cup 2019.

Comparison in Test Matches2019

Virat vs Rohit in Test Matches in 2019
  • Rohit has re-started as opener in Test for India this year & has highest averages in test this year – 92.7.
  • Rohit has smashed 3 centuries this year in test in just 6 innings, Virat has managed with 2 centuries in test this year.
  • Rohit has also maintain a very good strike rates in Test (around 76) this year.
  • Rohit Sharma has best knock in test match was 212 against south Africa & Virat Kohli’s best was 254* against South Africa in same series.

Comparison in T20Is2019

Kohli and Rohit comparison in 2019 in T20Is

  • Year 2019 in T20Is was very fabulous year for Virat Kohli for whatever number of matches he played, he has maintain the strike rate of around 148 this year.
  • Scored 466 runs in just 10 innings, with 5 half centuries and around 78 as average.
  • Rohit also managed 396 runs with 4 half centuries and strike rate of 138.

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